Audiobooks narrated by Nathan Bennett

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Greater Than A Tourist: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
by Kristin Mitchell-Wenger

Travel tips from a local about the fascinating city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Comin’ ‘Round to Lovin’ It
by Thomas Leverett

Short stories revolving around an uncommon theme: McDonald’s.

by Charles Diggs

The adventures of Iptomas, son of Prometheus.

by TJ Price

A collection of poems.

Hackers Diary: Duty Free by Adam Smith

High tech thriller by an upcoming author.

Buddhism for Beginners by Noah T. Williams

A well rounded introduction to Buddhism: some history, some theory and some practice.

Spanish Short Stories for Beginners: Learn Spanish Fast, Improve Your Reading and Grow Your Vocabulary the Fun Way (Spanish Edition) By Spanish Master Academy

Short stories, first read in Spanish, then English, for quick learning of the fundamentals of Spanish. At the end of every pair of chapters is a quiz in Spanish to test your retention.

Why Americans Were Happy to Enlist in the 40s but Not in the 60s: By John-Michael Kuczynski

Insightful essay on the motivation of enlistees across two different eras.

Greater than a Tourist: Kenya: By Gloria Omundo Alia, Mildred Achoch, Kagwima Elvis Ndegwa, Weldon Ngetich, Raphael Maina Warui and Kiburi Brian

Extensive collection of travel tips from several Kenyan locals. Some really great insights on where to go, as well as what to avoid.

Dear Moon: “You Matter to Me”, by Greer Alexis Bacon

New readers can discover the importance of our lunar neighbor.

Mastering Apple MacBook, by Adidas Wilson

How-to guide and insider’s tips for your new Apple MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Dragon Rake, by Victor Sharpe

A charming story about a young boy and an itchy Dragon.

Amazon FBA, by Francesco Crema

Eager to get your business kickstarted using Amazon’s shipping and warehouse system? This book will get you started!

Dropshipping, by Francesco Crema

A quick start introduction to how the technique of Dropshipping can be used to start earning a passive income with Shopify Ecommerce.